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SUPER 0.3.0 released!

It took a while, but we finally have SUPER 0.3.0 with us. SUPER 0.3.0 is centered around improvements in speed and future compatibility. There are a few extra features, but most of the work has been under the hood. Two new CLI options have been introduced, though:

And, finally, here we have tab completions!

If you now install SUPER using one of the provided packages for UNIX, you will get tab completions. So, anytime you don’t exactly know the command, you can simply press TAB and you will get suggestions or even command completions. This works for Bash, Fish and ZSH.

You can check the rest of the changes in the changelog of the project. This release also start a new release cycle in SUPER. Until now, we were trying to release new versions every 6 weeks. As you can see in this version, that is no longer possible, and it effectively limits our options to create big features (such as removing Java dependencies). That’s why we have moved to a “when ready” release cycle. We will now continue working in our spare time, and when we feel that a new version should be released, we will do so. So, don’t expect the 0.4.0 version in March!

We want to give special thanks to @gnieto for his contributions to this release. As always, you can download the package for your distribution at the downloads page.

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