SUPER Android Analyzer Downloads News

Here you can download SUPER for Windows, Linux and MacOS X. We only provide 64-bit builds. If you need support for 32 bits, you will need to compile SUPER from source.

Download for Windows

Windows download has been tested in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, but it might work in other versions as well.

Download for Linux

Linux downloads have been tested in the given OS versions, but they might work in other versions as well, or even in other distributions.

Download for MacOS X

Compile from source

In the case that you want or need to compile SUPER from its sources, you will need to download those sources first. You can download SUPER 0.5.1 sources in zip or in tar.gz. You can also clone the Git repository by running:

git clone

Once you clone or download+decompress the source code in a folder and move to it, you will need to compile it. This is really easy to do, but you will need Rust/Cargo to be installed in your system. You can install it with the instructions provided in Once installed, compiling SUPER is as simple as running the following:

cargo build --release

This will create target/release/super, which will be the executable that you will be able to use.

Note that if you are compiling SUPER in Windows, you will need to add an extra flag to the compiler to avoid strange characters in the shell. To compile SUPER in Windows, use this command:

cargo build --release --features no-color
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